Audiovisual director. Lighting designer
He was born in Buenos Aires, graduated from the Filmmaking career (specializing in documentaries) at IDAC (Institute of Cinematographic Art), studied the Bachelor's Degree in Show Lighting Design at UNA (National University of Art). He was trained with teachers such as Humberto Rios, Miguel Mirra, Sabrina Farji, Federico Palazzo, Eduardo Russo, Rodolfo Denevi, Ruben Szchumacher, Graciela Schuster, Jose Luis Fioruccio, Eli Sirlin, and Gonzalo Córdova.
He has been working for 20 years in the Audiovisual industry, developing his first professional experiences as a Television Director for the Encuentro, El Gourmet and Televisión Pública Argentina channels. As Director of the programs “United for History” of the History Channel recorded in Latin America, “Micros documentaries” for the Pakapaka channel made through Argentina, “Bloc, inhabited spaces” for the Encuentro channel, among others. He served as Director of the five seasons of "Art Attack" for the Disney Channel signal, with international reach for Latam, Brazil, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Scandinavia, SEA. He also directed for the cannel La Nación + news, economics and politics programs. He ventured as Director of Photography in the feature film “Super, the film” directed by Gustavo Tarrio, co-produced by FIBA.
In the area of ​​live events and entertainment, he joined the team of "Violetta Tour" Latin American tour as Director of cameras (CCTV) with more than 30 shows for three months, in addition to participating in local recitals for bands like "Las pelotas ” and “ Malón ”. During one season in Bogotá, Colombia, he worked as Production Manager of tournaments, events and streaming of Esports for developers such as EA and Blizzard.
At the same time, he develops as a Lighting Designer for the performing arts, starting his first works in the Elkafka - theatrical space, and assisting the designer Eli Sirlin in various projects. Since 2005, he has made lighting designs for theater, dance and performance projects by directors and choreographers such as Gustavo Tarrio, Luciano Cáceres, Guillermo Angelelli, Marcelo Katz, Edgardo Mercado, Silvio Lang, Pablo Rotemberg and Andrea Servera, among others. With various projects, he has participated in national and international festivals in Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, Spain and Belgium.
Awards and nominations.  
He obtained the subsidy for audiovisual creation for the project "Multiple personalities" granted by the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires. 
Emmy Awards nomination for "Art Attack Brazil" category Best Children's Program. 
Asian Television Award for “Art Attack SEA” category Best children's program. 
 Martín Fierro Cable Award for "United for History" category Best Documentary Series. 
ACTV Award for "Bloc, inhabited spaces" category Best Educational Program. 
He received nominations for his designs and won the "Trinidad Guevara" award for the best lighting design of the dance show "La Idea Fija".
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